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TPR: What Does It Really Mean

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

Here is where we take a close look at the intent behind specific headlines and what does it really translate in the big picture for us. What is written is often not what is intended. Big industry that control major media organizations and Chief Personnel, ultimately decides what's the message in the headlines. TPR Investigators decipher the information and expose the intent. What you find in this section, will dictate many of our initiatives. Your input and support of our initiatives is critical...remember "it's about us"!

Who is Dr. LB and what is behind CA-H2 also known as Auris?

TPR affiliate, Alliance for Strategic Intelligence, received a mysterious message regarding CA-H2 better known as Auris from a person that only gave the name Dr. LB. We now know the germ is real. Auris is an extremely deadly germ, that’s also highly intelligent and very evasive. The germ attacks already damaged immune systems. Allegedly, this germ was bio-engineered and not naturally made! We are now investigating the facts surrounding these claims, the origin of the germ and it’s speific biology. Stay tuned and stay aware!

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