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Updated: Feb 27, 2019

WELCOME - In The News is where you will find all of our latest topics and archival ones. The strategy is to write key stories without any agenda...getting straight to the point! After reading the blog story, you will have an opportunity to participate in the response. In some cases, our support readers can add their signatures to petitions, support an initiative that would counter-act any subject matter, we as a group, find that is misleading, false or untrue. Remember, our team of investigators will have vetted ALL stories for accuracy, therefore; we are responsive to the facts (SEE BELOW).

2019 TPR WILL INTRODUCE "TRUTH IN POLITICS ACT" - In today's corporate backed political climate, TPR has drafted an "Truth in Politics Act". This initiative would allow for us, the Voters, and an independent elected committee (of non-politicians) to remove any politician from office found guilty of "Failure of Promises & Duty" or "Intentional Excessive & Abusive Lying with the intent to deceive".

IS THE "WALL" STANDOFF POLITICAL, AGENDA, STRESS TEST CHALLENGE OR WORST...DEEP STATE OPERATION - As a Nation we have to entertain all prospects related to the reason behind the wall standoff. All of our intel and analysis are identifying multiple scenarios. What we do's not as "black & white" as alleged! Stay tuned as we continue our independent investigation.

Humanoids to Make a 40 Percent Increase Around the World by 2024

- Robotics expert Rick Hammon says the goal for several of the leading robotics companies around the world is to make Humanoids and Humans virtually indistinguishable by 2030. What do you think?

Thousands of Yemen Children are having their Futures Destroyed by Saudi Arabia and the UAE

- In an attempt to control regional influence from Iran, the pathetic leadership in Saudi Arabia and the UAE are killing and destroying the lives of thousands of Children in Yemen. TPR will use every effort in its arsenal to help put an end to such an evil agenda. First step is to end ALL US support of this operation! We will soon spearhead a proposal that will need your support!! Stay tuned. #wickedpeople #doingwickedthings #BS!

Disease & Money

- Isn’t it ignorant for Governments, including the US, to claim “there’s a disease outbreak, such as Ebola“ as if they’re surprised, yet they own the disease? Why own a disease? And isn’t that in direct conflict of a cure, considering they also “treat“ the disease?!

TPR Investigators Look Into “why” did Top FBI Official McCabe Initiate Obstruction & Counterintelligence Operations to Protect Trumps Russian Affiliations

- TPR Top Investigator, Marlon Campbell, authorizes investigative team to look into the facts surrounding Former FBI Official McCabe’s ambition in Russian collusion probe. “This is about the stability of the entire world. It’s not just an American problem”, says Campbell.

In an Unprecedented Move, Congress will Act to End Trumps Emergency Order!

Congress will do a historical first; supersede the authority and power of the President. TPR’s Marlon Campbell agrees with the move, “President Trump can not declare such a serious action, simply as an attempt to get his way. The American Government is not his play chess!”.

Vatican Treasurer and One of the Most Powetful Men of the Roman Catholic Church Found Guilty of Major and Historical Child Sex Crimes during “Secret” Trial

Dark rituals and sick child sexual abuse continues in the Catholic Church, as it has for hundreds of years! If the actions and effects of dark energy, matter - is real, all necessary proof can be found in Rome. TPR Top Investigators will dig deep to uncover the truth...this deeply sick and demented ritual has got to be “DESTROYED”! #destroydarknesswithlight #despicable

President Trumps Former Advisor and Attorney Michael Cohen Tells Congress, “He’s a Racist, He’s Con Man, He’s a Cheat”, in Blistering Reference to who he says President Trump really is!

TPR’s Anthony Perkins covering Congressional Hearing on Trump.

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