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Updated: Feb 19, 2019

Please visit the community to learn about additional topics not listed above and correspond with other members. The community is very important to discuss and learn of additional situations facing us from around the world. Remember, this is an open forum. Please respect each others comments and views, even if they are different than yours. In order for us to grow together, we first have to learn to listen to one another. Any derogatory comments will be subject to removal. Enjoy!

Our Community...A Place to Share and Learn!

Our mission is to bring aboard one million members by 2020! Recommend family and friends! #therespowerinnumbers

TPR‘s Anthony Perkins Preparing Comprehensive Data for “Who Are They Really”, America‘s Next Presidential Hopefuls

If we are to progress, ”no more same’o, same’o says TPR’s Marlon Campbell. He continues, every Country should follow and yes, I understand the complexity for some Nations to do the same but TPR will assist in every way possible”!

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